Sow down via 450

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Sow down via 450

Postby arkhangel5 » Sun Jan 09, 2022 10:07 am

Hey Guys,

Got another hog over the weekend with the 450.

80-100lb sow. Shot was about 135-140yds. Shot impacted just below her left ear.

I was out checking for hogs and was getting ready to wrap for the evening when this sounder of 4 showed up on my thermal monocular.

In the attached vid, hogs are to the west, heading south, you can see how windy it was, wind was out of the north.

I was out in open, but in the shadow of some trees, they had no idea I was there watching.

I didn't want to attempt an offhand shot, so was looking for something upright to brace off. Moved north away from the hogs till I found an appropriate tree, but doing this increased my shot distance.

The base of the trees in this area all had brush around them, I picked the one with the least amt of brush that I could get close to the trunk, as I snugged up against the trunk, I was praying there wasn't a fire ant mound in there.

Tried the right side of trunk first, didnt like, switched to left side, better stability wise, but had to get in bushes deeper.

Sight picture was not optimal, leaf fronds were waving about thru the sight. Decided to go for the first unobstructed hog.

She was broadside to me with her head in the air, so I went for the headshot, sat there waiting for the leaf in vid to clear up long enough for me to shoot, took up first stage in trigger, got an opening, squeezed. Boom.

Hogs scattered at the shot, I waited a few min before going to check results. I scanned with my thermal and saw no heat signatures, so I turned on headlamp to check for blood.

Ended up seeing a dark splotch on ground first with headlamp, and when I looked at with thermal it was warm, I had hit her. Impact was right behind her left ear, bullet exited other side. Right eye popped out at the impact of 250gr Hornady FTX.

Dragged her to disposal area, where the backstraps and quarters were taken. Big fan of gutless method on taking wild hog meat. The rest was left for the coyotes, bobcats and vultures.

Here is link to photos and short vid:

AR-15 in 450 Bushmaster. 16in barrel with brake.
Sightmark Wraith 4-32 digital night vision scope with 5watt IR illuminator.
AGM TM-160 Thermal monocular.
Bullet - Hornady 250gr FTX doing 2230fps. Starline case, CCI 450 srmp, over H110.

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Re: Sow down via 450

Postby Spike1 » Sun Jan 09, 2022 7:23 pm

Great shot. I love my Wraith as well. :D
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Re: Sow down via 450

Postby deadeer » Mon Jan 10, 2022 9:28 am

Nice going!
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Re: Sow down via 450

Postby s4s4u » Mon Jan 10, 2022 11:00 am

Well done!!!
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Re: Sow down via 450

Postby Smokinbubba » Mon Jan 10, 2022 4:48 pm

Sausage in da freezer!!
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