Maine Moose hunt sucess

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Re: Maine Moose hunt sucess

Postby Bmt85 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:47 pm

Somehow missed this, congrats on the nice moose. Where in Maine did you hunt? My dad and I went on a bear hunt earlier this year in Maine and loved it. We are going to start putting in for moose tags this year.
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Re: Maine Moose hunt sucess

Postby Texas Sheepdawg » Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:46 am

Could you update your picture, Sir? Thank you. If you're having issues, you can email me the pic and I can post it for you.
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Re: Maine Moose hunt sucess

Postby Slayer » Sat Feb 01, 2020 1:21 pm

Im late on this post.
Put in 10 chances on moose permit 2020. Buddies get em regular. Them bastids... (Which is a term of endearment and respect in Maine.)
So! i picked 450 bushmaster upper from midway.
I can pick off dimes at 100 with my xm15, factory Bushy, 223/5.56.( what ta hell is that combo anyway?) I recut the chamber to fit what I make for my rifle and ammo on the bench. The Bushmaster 450 upper I bought for moose from midway fit with zero slop. Ive ordered all the stuff i can from midway to reload. The only bullet I will put into an animal comes from my own hands. Im Loading some win296 behind Hornady 245 grain spire points. Still in load developement, any advice would be helpful.
Congrats on a good eating moose!!!
Everyone wants big antler moose. Some of the big bulls ive eaten from in Maine are like pouring beef broth on ash wood. Blah!!
Really? yuk. My Native American ancestors wood have left the big ones for the whiteman for obvious reasons. But, any moose is a good moose.
I passed on putting in for a sub permitee, only because if i win? the hard part is picking a partner that can shoot with me. Plus when you have a moose down the work begins, lots of cable and a good winch, food and a place to stay for a week. I
Just wondered if 450 Bushy is being used up here much? we can have long shots up here as well as close shots.... But at 300yds...??? All my buddies use big guns. 30-06 being on the smaller size, 308 works... but bad reports here and there...And yes shot placement. I say call it in close if you can... I know my limits well, i am taking the 450 if i get drawn.
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Re: Maine Moose hunt sucess

Postby jmbod » Tue Nov 30, 2021 7:39 am

Another "bullet blow up" statement, by a commenter. Moose and deer are not ballistic gel producing nice mushrooms. The majority of guys I hunt with use 250 FTX and they dont reload, they hunt, drop deer rinse wash repeat. Amazing that a dead deer is a bullet fail if--it is recovered-- & it doesnt "look" like it retains most of its weight. The relevant issue on jacketed bullets is lead fragmentation in muscle meat. Did shooters that handload keep powder within specs? How close was the game? Was the bullet free of scratches or etching on jacket etc etc. to many reasons for a "fail".

In Cast Bullets forum, many hunters comment that their cast bullets do well on deer. Most of them are hard cast so they do not fragment much. These are ideal in remote areas and where hunter density is low, so a pass through will not be a problem. Thus there is not extensive bullet blow up written analyses that engages so many handloaders.

Non-lead bullets are very good although grist for the comparative types that flame jacketed bullets.
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