Impressed with first harvests with my 450

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Impressed with first harvests with my 450

Postby scalian » Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:35 am

Got out and took two does last weekend with my new 450 bushmaster in a AR config. Shot one at 189 yards in the neck DRT, and one behind the shoulder at 200 yards that hit ribs going in and also dropped her in her tracks and exited out that other side. This gun is turning out to be a tack driver and a lot of fun here in Iowa as a replacement for the shotgun.
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Re: Impressed with first harvests with my 450

Postby Hoot » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:40 am

Sure wish the "do-gooders" up here in MN would jump on the bandwagon and open the Shotgun Zone to straight walled calibers like a lot of the other states are doing. Don't get me wrong. We have millions of acres up north that are full Rifle Zone but I happen to live down south in the Shotgun Zone. They just finally voted to allow scopes on Muzzle Loaders. I don't fault them for trying to keep each season distinct and true to the technology. IE, I myself do not consider a falling block 45-70 or Model 94 30-30 to rate their own season lumped in with muzzle loaders. I guess that makes me one of the "do-gooders" in a sense. Sorry for the tangent off topic.

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Re: Impressed with first harvests with my 450

Postby plant_one » Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:45 am

here in michigan - we dont have a special shotgun only season... only muzzle loaders get those extra few days to themselves.

however the state was split between "anything 22 caliber centerfire and over goes" and shotgun/ML only in the southern half of the state (as a population density - safety issue)

with how modern inline ML's were being used (45 cal sabots in 50 cal ML's at >2000 fps) as the kings of the cornfield down here with optics and the whole bit knocking down deer at 200+ yds like we do with the 450 .... and almost every other border state going there, our wildlife commission finally gave in. really if you're shooting a 250 ftx at 2000-2200 fps, who cares if its coming from a ML or a bolt gun or an AR... right?

the part of our rules that were/are really messed up - the "restricted zone" rules still only apply to firearm deer season. so on dec 1st, you can still take your 300 ultramag out and go coyote hunting if you want, from the same stand you were deer hunting from on nov 30th. i get hunter density and bubba-beer-hunter and all that... but yea...
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