Ammo selection

Red Dot? Low Power Variable? Muzzle Loader glass?
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Ammo selection

Postby Hytnitrum34 » Sun Nov 06, 2022 10:00 pm

Was wondering if anyone has experience with the federal powershok 300 grain. Just bought a ruger American ranch in 450 and ordered a bunch of boxes of the powershok 300. Heard a lot of people say the hornady 250 grain ftx are accurate but had terrible performance on deer and came apart on impact. I’ve used the hornady 325 grain ftx in 45-70 only killed 1 doe with them shot her right behind the shoulder bullet went through her and punched a hole right through with no expansion she went 100 yds but I easily could follow the blood trail in the snow. Hear mixed reviews on accuracy with federals but hear they mushroom good and knock deer down.
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