30rar barrel nut

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30rar barrel nut

Postby kklatt450 » Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:32 pm

it is not ar15 to small ar10 way to big its a twener ? So back on goes factory handguard o well I replaced the port door with a engraved one also put on adjustable gas block . Factory gas block had locktite to seal it up other wise came apart pretty easy
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Re: 30rar barrel nut

Postby Hoot » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:18 pm

There is more about the 30 RAR that is proprietary than initially catches the eye. I had an Olympic Gamestalker 300 WSSM that they called the OSSM so that they didn't get sued by Rick Jamison, that was that way also. Not much interchangeability with it either. I'm sure there have been others. About the only thing I've done with mine outside the brake was changing out the grip for an FDE Ergo grip and winter trigger guard. Oh and an RRA 2-stage NM Varmint trigger. Great trigger! Its supposed to get down to zero tonight so we're back to normal MN weather. Some parts up north will get down to -20 tonight! Last Sunday's mild, 60 degree, first range day of 2017 may be the only range day for some time to come. Not supposed to get above freezing until the middle of next week. Got a lot of loads for this caliber, to get out and document. All in good time...

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